Clarke and McDevitt present

Albrecht Schäfer
Farbige Schatten
Max Beckmann, Salvador Dalí, Eugène Delacroix

Opening: Tuesday 27 March 2012, 6pm
Wednesday 28 March until Friday 4 May
Tuesday – Thursday 10am – 8pm
Friday + Saturday 10am – 1.30pm

Following on from the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe themed exhibition, Herbei ein Licht!, at Lismore Castle Arts St Carthage Hall last August, Declan Clarke and Paul McDevitt will present a sequel of sorts in Dublin's Goethe-Institut. Farbige Schatten (translated as Coloured Shadows) is a title taken from a chapter heading in Goethe's groundbreaking Theory of Colours.

The exhibition expands the Faust theme from the previous exhibition by looking at historical artists' representations of this influential text and considering other aspects of Goethe's oeuvre; in particular his writings on light and colour. Exhibited in the Return gallery are works by Max Beckmann, Salvador Dalí and Eugène Delacroix each depicting images inspired by Faust.

By way of considering Goethe's concerns with colour theory, a series of works by leading contemporary German artist Albrecht Schäfer are displayed throughout in response to the other works and the building itself. For his first exhibition in Ireland, Schäfer offers a collection of playful interventions, using commonplace objects which are subtly and at other times dramatically intertwined within the building. Many of Schäfer's works play with perceptions of colour, light and shadow and can be viewed as an ongoing unravelling of form and meaning.

Included in the exhibition are two of Schäfer's Spiral Blinds – metal window blinds that are twisted and suspended from the ceiling. These objects no longer obscure light but simultaneously reflect and cast shadows in complex patterns. They make reference to the sculptural columns of Brancusi, the DNA helix and mundane office furnishings, resulting in an arresting visual structure with complex semantic associations.

Inspired by Goethe's torchlit visit to the Vatican Museum in 1787, the illumination of the works in Farbige Schatten have been carefully considered and vary from fully lit rooms to work housed in complete darkness to which a single visitor is permitted with only a candle as a source of light. 

Curated by Declan Clarke and Paul McDevitt

Beckmann, Dalí and Delacroix works on loan from Faust-Museum Knittlingen
Albrecht Schäfer is represented by Galerie Kamm, Berlin