Clarke&McDevitt present:
The Armchair Project - Press Release
Cinch, 5 Newburgh St, London
11 – 28 October 2000

Relax. Make yourself comfortable. Take your time.

38 people furnish this intimate show. Taking place in the shop, window and back room gallery of Cinch, the Levi’s store, this show hopes to be as comfortable and laid back as a living room, giving you time to absorb the environment and the ideas at your own pace.

The space is not really an art gallery and not only artists are involved. Visitors are invited to take their time as they view, read or skim the ‘works’ in the show, which include sculptures and articles by curators, drawings by comedians, and objects by writers. With well known artists and recent graduates, famous writers and critics, as well as librarians and curators all doing what they do or normally don’t, this is an open-ended collection of new and specifically commissioned works. There are text-based pieces, articles, posters, music, objects, videos, sculptures, ornaments, and even daytime TV.

Please make yourself at home.

Andreas Oehlert, Annika Ström, Anna Barriball, Bank, Bob and Roberta Smith, Brian Dawn Chalkley, Chris Fletcher, Cornelius Quabeck, Dave Beech, David Falconer, Declan Clarke, Erica Vertuzzi Fonseca, Francis Wheen, Ian Kiaer, Jane McDevitt, Jeremy Deller, Keith Wilson, Layla Curtis, Luke Dowd, Luke Oxley, Mark Wallinger, Markus Vater, Matt Calderwood, Matthew Franks, Matthew Higgs, Michael Archer, Miranda Peake, Miyako Narita, Noel Cowan, Paul McDevitt, Rachel Harrison, Richard Clegg, Richard Woods, Sean Parfitt, Shane Synott, Simon White, Tom Gleeson, Vic Reeves